About Us

The mission of our organization is to help women in transition meet every goal on every level as far as possible. The mission is to reach out to women in need all over the world so they can find their true value


This organization does not only help woman individually but those organizations that help them as well.  We have seen a significant increase in the last year of helping businesses focused on women’s issues as well.


Michell Spoden is the founder of the organization. Having been threw many traumatic situations such as rape, forced abortion and much more;  she  ultimately became aware of Gods tangible presence.  One day she picked up her bible and began reading it and the word became life.  Since then she has been on her journey to know more of  who he is in her life.

The others that are a part of this organization are Regina Cupedro and Diana Ashby. These woman make up a diverse team based on experience and age.  Each of them are board member’s including Michell.  Regian is a wife , mother , step mother and grandmother. She worked for a corporation for twenty six years, business partnership for four years and customer service for ten years.  But all that led her to an understanding of the lord always preparing her for the next step; and of his infinite grace , winsome and mercy. Diana Asbhy is a senor who has experienced homelessness for a brief period of time and has a great passion for animals and nature.